The Mobile Stage is a towable trailer stage made to our order to strict German T.U.V. standards in Europe by a leading trailer construction company specialising in aluminium fabrication.  As a result the majority of the mobile stage is built wherever possible from lightweight materials and it weighs 1950 kg, compared to similar stages which weigh 3500kg. The stage is designed and built in accordance with The Institution of Structural Engineers Guidance on Design Procurement and use of Temporary Demountable Structures.

A comprehensive set of Health and Safety documentation is available with our trainer stage, including Certificate of Conformity to all relevant EC directives and DIN requirements. We can provide a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement for use of the mobile stage at your event.

The open stage area is 7.5m (24 feet 7 inches) wide by 6m (18 feet 9 inches) deep and the raised roof is 4.6M (15 feet) from the ground.

When set up, the weight of the mobile stage is taken by 4 wind-down legs so that the stage is stable and the trailer suspension is by-passed. These legs also level the main stage central section chassis. A further 14 telescopic legs, 7 per side, support the front and rear areas of the stage. Whilst a reasonably level surface location is preferred sloping areas can be easily accommodated, within reason.

The stage requires a minimum of 2.75m entrance/gate width and entrance-way roof height of 3.75m to enter a site! Please remember that the access must be clear of tree branches, and overhead wires.


The stage roof is made of aluminium truss type lattice and has a rugged flame retardant PVC cover and can be used to hang standard lighting clamps, backdrops, sponsors banners etc. Maximum roof loading is 490Kg. The roof rises on two hydraulic rams a metre higher than the folded height. There are 4 quad truss corners which additionally support the roof, and these can be used to hang stage lights, or banners.

Roof before being raised by hydraulics – it is easier and safer to hang lights etc at this level before raising the roof.

Stage Floor:

The trailer stage floor is 6m x 7.5m and is made of non-slip resin coated exterior marine ply on an immensely strong aluminium sub frame. Handrails to the rear and sides are standard.

P.A. Wings:

To make the stage space itself as clear as possible the P.A. System speakers will often be placed on stage deck risers on either side of the main stage area. We include 2 such decks in our standard package, each 1M X 2M, on 3 feet legs (with jackscrews for levelling). Many stages do not come with any risers. Additional risers are available including a drum riser for a small extra cost.

Access Steps:

These are two sets of these, made of non-slip aluminium and with safety handrails both sides.

Branding Banner sizes:

As a rule we have found that the following sizes are best for branding:

1. Front skirt 900mm high, up to 7000mm long. It is helpful to have eyelets at 500mm centres along the top.

2. Stage rear banners should be ideally 3000mm wide and 2500mm top to bottom. Deeper than this and no-one will see the banner’s bottom part for Artistes and equipment. Eyelets across the top, say 3 or 6 help us to hang with cable ties or cords.

3. Vertical banners on the front truss roof supports are best about 1000mm wide and 2500 top to bottom; again, eyelets (three at the top and bottom corners and central at the top and bottom) give us hanging options.

This is only a guide and we are happy to help with branding queries.


Stage lighting including theatrical lighting with par cans, moving heads and LED lighting effects are available from our large stock – please ask us for a quotation.

Wind Loading:

The maximum gusting wind loading for the freestanding stage is 70 kph; above this, additional guy straps are required with ground anchorage. Additionally, solid back and side covers can be changed to scrim material which allows air to pass through.

Safety Earth Bond:

We provide a heavy duty stage earth bond as standard.

Fire Extinguishers and first aid:

We supply two x CO2 2kg. fire extinguishers with the stage. These are certified as conforming to BS5306 Part 3 and annually tested. We also carry a general purpose first aid kit.